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Manage the accounting of your SME easily with our special chart of accounts for SMEs

Manage the accounting of your SME easily with our special chart of accounts for SMEs



Quick. Easy. Automated.

Automated accounting and simple creation of balance sheet, income statement, and journals

Welcome to 21.AbaNinja – your accounting tool.





Simple use

Watch the video and experience the simplicity for yourself.
A large part of the bookings are generated automatically thanks to the standardised processes. Additional manual bookings and the necessary closing documents can be generated easily. With our intelligent system, invoices from suppliers or to customers are automatically posted on an ongoing basis. Financial statements are generated at the touch of a button, making tax returns much easier. You always have an overview of your finances with little manual effort. Financial statements made simple: The balance sheet and income statement are the core of accounting. The financial statements are easy to create and you can customise their presentation to your needs when needed. Individual entries can be checked and corrected directly from the balance sheet and income statement. This simplifies the account reconciliation and the annual financial statement immensely. And if you wish, your fiduciary can also take care of everything. Minimal effort, maximum efficiency.

Overview of functions

The most important functions of 21.AbaNinja at a glance. Thanks to a simple, logical structure and an intuitive tool your accounting is a piece of cake.

Automated posting of customer and supplier invoices

Simple entry screen

Bank statements and entry journal

Real-time balance sheet and income statement

VAT calculation based on FTA

Online cooperation with fiduciaries

Chart of accounts according to legal form or industry

Financial indicators

FAQs Accounting

We answer the most frequently asked questions here. Fast and uncomplicated.

Which VAT methods are available?

VAT can be settled according to both the effective and the balance/flat rate method. In the case of effective taxation, the gross or net method can be used for accounting.

These settings are defined when the account is created for the financial year. Once an entry has been made on the respective financial year, no more changes can be made, therefore we recommend choosing this setting carefully. 

Can I adjust the financial year?

The financial year in 21.AbaNinja is currently fixed and corresponds to the calendar year. This allows us to guarantee optimal compatibility with conversion systems such as payroll accounting. If you need more leeway in this area, you can connect 21.AbaNinja to an AbaWeb financial accounting system, which provides you with further options and allows you to map a financial year that is shorter or longer than the calendar year without any problems.

How can manual entries be made?

Manual entries can be made both in the account statement and in the journal. The option in the journal is part of the Advanced accounting module. Manual bookings can be entered individually with an attachment, in foreign currency with an automated conversion rate or as a split booking.

Can the VAT statement be printed out and submitted directly to the FTA?

The VAT statement generated in 21.AbaNinja currently functions as a tool for completing the official form and cannot be submitted to the Federal Tax Administration (FTA) in this form.

Can bookings be cancelled?

In principle, the mechanism that applies is that cancellations must always be made at the source. This means that bookings that were created automatically by invoices, supplier documents or payments can only be cancelled by cancelling the respective documents or transactions. Manual entries can be cancelled directly in the account statement or journal.

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