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Simple use

Watch the video and experience the simplicity for yourself.
Instead of by hand with Word or Excel, you can easily create payroll settlements with Swiss21.AbaSalary. The calculation of the statutory employee and employer contributions are automatically calculated and displayed, and the contribution rates are automatically updated in the event of changes in the law. An electronic wage declaration is also in the works. Minimum effort, maximum professionalism.


Overview of functions

The most important functions of Swiss21.AbaSalary at a glance. Thanks to a simple, logical structure and an intuitive tool, processing social insurances and taxes is a breeze.

Calculation of statutory employee and employer contributions

Automatic updating of contribution rates in the event of changes in the law

Simple and clear entry of insurance contributions

Electronic salary declaration (ELM) (coming soon)

Contributions to accident insurance

Occupational benefit

Family Equalisation Fund

Daily sickness allowance

FAQs Social Insurances & Taxes

We answer the most frequently asked questions here. Fast and uncomplicated.

Can I transmit the data electronically to my compensation office / insurance company / tax office?

At the moment, only paper output is possible. We are working on electronic transmission and will be among the first manufacturers to offer ELM in version 5.0.

Where can the national maximum contributions or the percentages for the AHV deduction be en-tered?

All national calculation parameters are automatically updated by the programme.  Contribution rates for individual accident or daily sickness benefit insurances can be adjusted at any time in the insurance master.

My family compensation fund uses a different contribution rate. How do I proceed?

AbaSalary uses the cantonal FEF contribution rates by default.  However, depending on the compensation fund, different percentages may be applied.  An individual percentage rate can therefore also be entered in the insurance master.

How are insurance daily allowances accounted for?

The daily allowances paid by the insurance companies can either be offset against the salary or paid out directly. There are payroll types for the usual daily allowance compensations.

Where do the withholding tax rates come from?

Swiss21.AbaSalary uses the rates published by the Federal Tax Administration for the automatic WT calculation.

Help & Support


Frequently asked questions, knowledge base articles and tutorials can be found in our Help Centre. Our dedicated support team and experts are happy to answer any further questions you may have.

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