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Electronic invoices

With the add-on module AbaNet, Swiss21 users have the option via 21.AbaNinja of receiving invoices electronically or automatically sending them to their business partners’ ERP systems via network partners.
It is also possible to send B2C customer invoices directly to their e-banking systems.

Receive invoices directly

Receive supplier invoices (B2B) as PDF, via the international XML ZUGFeRD or via network partners (AbaNet from Abacus and eBill).

Transmit invoices directly

Automatically send e-invoices to the ERP system of business partners via the following network partners: AbaNet from Abacus and eBill.

E-invoices to customer

Transmit e-invoices to B2C customers’ e-banking via eBill.


Transmit e-invoices to B2C customers’ e-banking via eBill. AbaNet from Abacus is a fee-based add-on module that enables Swiss21 users to send and receive electronic invoices in the B2B environment via 21.AbaNinja. This ensures highly automated transmission with no media discontinuity – around the clock, seven days a week. Increase efficiency while paper invoices become a thing of the past. Activation by the network partners eBill is required. You will be accompanied and advised by AbaNinja support during the activation process.
After activation, you can transmit electronic invoices to your business partners in the ERP system with a click of the mouse. We always recommend that you first contact your business partner to find out what options he or she has.


  • Consistent digital and highly automated data exchange with business partners and customers.
  • Free 30-day trial for Swiss21.org users, then subscription fees of CHF 9 per month up to a maximum of 21 invoices.
  • Transmit electronic invoices to business partners’ ERP systems (via eBill and AbaNet).
  • Receive electronic bills in 21.AbaNinja as PDF, in XML format ZUGFeRD or via network partners (via eBill and AbaNet).
  • Receive invoices, create supplier documents quickly and automate accounting with a few mouse clicks.
  • Create and send invoices quickly with just a couple of mouse clicks.
  • B2C: Automated process for handling customer registrations and transmitting e-invoices to the e-banking of any Swiss financial institution.



Abacus Research AG

Available languages

German, French, Italian, English


Support via Swiss21.org


Free 30-day trial,

then CHF 9.-/month


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