Online shopping is booming. Make it easy for your customers to buy from you online. That too is possible with Swiss21. You can quickly and easily open up this sales channel – optimally integrated into Swiss21. 21.Commerce consists of the two modules 21.Shop and 21.POS (online checkout).

Online shopping at a glance

  • Intuitive setup wizard
  • Use own domain
  • Detailed layout and design settings
  • Responsive design
  • Choice of themes
  • Google Web Font integration
  • Own pages with content / pages
  • Content slider on homepage  (fee required)
  • Dynamic article display on homepage
  • SEO-friendly URLs
  • Generate metatags automatically or edit them manually
  • Sitemap generator
  • Article images optimised for Facebook
  • Trusted Shops pre-certified
  • SSL encryption

Range of functions

  • Article management
  • Articles with variants
  • Time-controlled activation of articles
  • Different VAT rates
  • Several images per article
  • Graduated prices
  • Manufacturer information (fee required)
  • Global modifications
  • Customisable additional fields for articles
  • Minimum and maximum order amounts
  • Graduated prices
  • Categories
  • Description of the category with title and image
  • Sub-categories
  • Virtual categories for promotional or sale articles
  • Stock management
  • Create inventory
  • Availability display (exact / traffic light / none)
  • Minimum stock quantity / notification in case of stock shortfall
  • Register stock receipts
  • Enter stock receipts with barcode scanner (with additional module “Manufacturer information”)

Shop marketing

  • Manual cross-selling
  • Automatic cross-setting (fee required)
  • Sales article with cross price (date / time-controlled)
  • Promotional articles
  • Display special offers and promotions in their own category
  • QR codes for shop or article direct links
  • RSS feed with latest articles
  • Article ratings (fee required)
  • Gift certificates (fee required)
  • Chat (fee required)
  • Analysis of search requests (fee required)
  • Direct Search display
  • Supported languages (Customer-side: German, English, French, Italian, Rhaeto-Romanich)


Sending options

  • Country groups with own shipping types
  • Shipping cost by weight / price / flate-rate
  • Free shipping from Amount X
  • Surcharge for small quantities
  • Different delivery address
  • Package tracking (fee required)
  • Order status management
  • VAT-exempt shipping methods
  • VAT-exempt foreign deliveries
  • Payments
  • Prepayment with automatic invoice mail (directly via 21.AbaNinja)
  • Invoice (directly via 21.AbaNinja)
  • Cash on delivery
  • E-payment with Six Saferpay (Visa | Mastercard | Twint)
  • Payment method control per country and amount
  • Customer account with order history
  • B2B merchant mode (closed shop)

Online checkout / POS

  • Browser-based / Independent of device (on notebook or tablet)
  • In the store | At the trade fair | At the customer’s | At the market stand
  • Intuitive use
  • Barcode scanner (with additional module “Manufacturer information”)
  • Intelligent preview of possible amounts for cash payments
  • Automatic calculation of change
  • Payment methods selectable (cash, credit card, …)
  • Show product information
  • Discount on individual items in % or as a fixed amount
  • Discount on total amount in % or as fixed amount
  • Price can be overwritten
  • Free article
  • Customer loyalty and sales promotion
  • Assign sales to a customer
  • Payment by invoice
  • Send document as e-mail to customer
  • Gift certificates (fee required)
  • Credit note on existing vouchers with comment
  • Flexible daily closing at the touch of a button
  • Print receipts
  • Customisable receipt
  • Document history and display of receipts booked

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