With 21.CRM, manage all relationships with customers or suppliers in one place. Record your customers’ preferences, automate marketing and sales processes, and generate new potential. Our tool enables you to maintain targeted and well-organised contact with your customers.


  • Simple and efficient digitization of your contacts
  • Collect contact information from e-mails, documents, business cards or web
  • Customer file with 360° view
  • Intelligent search options
  • Contacts available in all Swiss21 applications

Organization of Marketing and Sales

  • Comprehensive sales opportunity management to identify and track new and existing potentials
  • Task management
  • Appointment management
  • Diverse target group selection for personalised targeting
  • Standardization of marketing and sales processes

Personalized Documents and E-mails

  • Central document storage
  • Functions optimized for target groups
  • Fast and easy implementation of serial letters and serial e-mails

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More than 30,000 small businesses

already use Swiss21.org’s pioneering platform. You, too, can achieve your goals faster. With clearly structured and integrated processes and workflows.