Link a business account

Connect 21.AbaNinja to your bank to automatically reconcile your account with bookkeeping activities and transfer payments. If the interface for your bank isn’t available yet, exporting the payment data from your online banking system and importing it into 21.AbaNinja in all commonly used formats is also an option. The data is then automatically compared with the bookkeeping records.

Reconcile incoming payments

The information from the online banking system is automatically processed and compared with the created invoices. So, you know immediately which customers have already paid and which invoices are still outstanding.

Transfer payments

You can easily upload invoices you have to pay to 21.AbaNinja. This works for both electronically received PDFs and scanned documents. The system analyses the invoice and provides you with a proposal on how it should be entered. You can then simply transfer the entered invoices to your online banking system, adjust them again or release them directly.

Available banking connections

We are always working on connecting more banks to to make it as easy as possible for you to manage payments. You can currently connect your business accounts to more than 70 banks and financial service providers. 

Our partner banks

Cantonal Bank of St. Gallen

Connect 21.AbaNinja with your e-banking of the St. Galler Kantonalbank.


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Connect 21.AbaNinja with your Valiant e-banking.





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National and international providers

Swiss banks with a national and international focus as well as other international service providers in the finnancial sector. 

Check out all available banking connections.

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