Swiss21 Accounting: New connections to more than 70 banks

Appenzell, March 18, 2020. Two-thirds of Swiss SMEs have relationships with multiple banks. This has advantages, but can also be complicated if you want to get a quick overview of the liquidity of your company. With the latest release of 21.AbaNinja from March 18, 2020, new connections to over 70 banks and financial service providers...

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Changing bookkeeping software

Despite good planning, both growth and other business changes can require a change of bookkeeping software. The change entails risks and different aspects of the current bookkeeping and the ongoing business have to be taken into consideration.

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Everyone starts off small – when does VAT liability kick in?

In Switzerland, companies become subject to value-added tax if they exceed a certain legal limit. Learn about VAT registration, type and the method of accounting.

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