Automated bookkeeping

If you enjoy bookkeeping, you can enter and adjust everything manually with 21.AbaNinja. Entering privately paid expenses, such as a train ticket, is just as easy too. If you also have an electronic copy of the receipt, it can be linked to the entry. The entry process has been optimised together with fiduciaries to make it as quick and easy as possible. If bookkeeping isn’t really your thing, our self-learning system will automatically manage your bookkeeping operations in the background.

Accounts receivable and accounts payable at a glance

Banking connectivity means that incoming payments from your customers are recognised and posted accordingly. If you’ve received invoices from suppliers, our system will import them for you. You can then adapt them and forward them directly to your bank. This also makes it easier to manage your accounts payable.

Financial statements made easy

The balance sheet and P&L account are the very heart of bookkeeping activities. You must submit these documents to the tax office at least once per year. With Swiss21, you’ll have this done in a flash. The financial statements are created extremely easily, and the intuitive overview and various filter options allow you to adjust the display to your needs. Individual entries can be checked and corrected directly from the balance sheet and P&L account, greatly simplifying account reconciliation and the annual financial statement.

Would you like advice from a fiduciary?

Do you need bookkeeping support? Would you like to leave tax optimisation to an expert? Our tool enables you to connect to a fiduciary, who can keep an eye on and optimise the bookkeeping process for you.

Find a specialist near you here.

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