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Network and integrations

Swiss21 offers numerous connections to other systems that make your work easier.

Network and integrations

Swiss21 offers numerous connections to other systems that make your work easier.

Interfaces to existing systems

All Swiss21 components are perfectly networked and integrated with one another. This is the only way we can achieve our goal of making you fast, digital, flexible, efficient and therefore successful.

Do you have existing systems that you would like to combine with our software? We’ll find a solution for that, too. Get in touch with us.

iPad POS system for Gastro Industry

Lightspeed POS is a modern, cloud-based POS system. It enables you to monitor various companies and even the working hours of your employees at any time.

Connection to external accounting department

The connection of 21.AbaNinja to the Abacus Business Software makes the cooperation with the fiduciary efficient. Documents and data are immediately transferred and automatically booked, saving time and money. 

Time recording at the terminal

With the iPad terminal AbaClock, the Swiss21 user has the possibility to record working hours in 21.AbaNinja using a time clock.

AbaClik - Mobile time and Expense Management

AbaClik is the app for simple, efficient time, absence and expense management. Artificial intelligence has made the recording of expenses even faster. The integrated receipt scanner analyzes the data and transfers it to AbaNinja for the booking.

Invoice API

With our “Invoice API ” you can integrate your own application into the Swiss21-ERP system. This allows you to digitise your processes from start to finish. Want to connect your systems to our “Invoice API”, or do you have any questions? Please send your enquiries directly to

Terminals for card payments

With Swiss21, SumUp terminals easily enable the most popular card payments with VISA, Mastercard, ApplePay, GooglePay – contactless and at attractive conditions.

Payment solutions

Swiss21 offers various possibilities to make payment processing a simple task. Swiss21 offers payment and expense solutions for both customers and employees.

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