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The app for recording expenses, working time and more


The app for recording expenses, working time and more

AbaClik is the app for simple, efficient time, absence and expense management. Artificial intelligence has made the recording of expenses even faster. The integrated receipt scanner analyzes the data and transfers it to AbaNinja for the booking.

Document scanner

Photograph expense receipts using the receipt scanner for easy and automatic data entry via text recognition.

Automatic booking

Thanks to deep technology and artificial intelligence, automatic booking in AbaNinja is possible.

Payment method

The connection to the Swiss21 credit card by Cornercard enables a comparison of expense receipts with credit card transactions.

More about AbaClik

AbaClik is the efficient tool for simple time, absence and expense reporting. If required, AbaClik can automatically record when employees enter or leave the workplace. Recording working hours, but also travel expenses, holidays and other absences is extremely easy with AbaClik. Thanks to Abacus Deep technology and artificial intelligence, the expense tracking process is simple and automated. The app uses character and text recognition when processing an expense receipt, and is able to automatically recognize information on the amount, VAT and point of sale, and automatically book it in AbaNinja.

Your advantages

  • Save time when entering expenses
  • Simplified handling through deep technology and artificial intelligence
  • Error reduction thanks to simple operation
  • Automated booking to the cloud business software AbaNinja



Abacus Research AG

Available languages

German, French, English, Italian, Spanish

Contact Support

Support via Swiss21.org




Additional module “AbaClik”: CHF 5.00/per employee per month