The platform for optimal collaboration with customers

Optimise the interaction with your clients with Swiss21. The end-to-end digital processes simplify typical administrative workflows and increase efficiency. So you and your clients can focus on your core competencies.

Your advantages

Reduce the administrative workload of your customers with proven, modern tools. As a result, you offer real added value because your clients can concentrate on their core business. Swiss21’s integrated accounting software from Abacus is the ideal tool for fiduciary companies. Work hand in hand with your clients and together always choose the optimal solution.

The Swiss SME platform

Comprehensive offer with over 30,000 users.

Benefit from growth options

Our modular structure gives us room to grow with you.

Fiduciary access

Optimal cooperation thanks to access to client accounts.

Needs-based collaboration with your clients

The process-oriented structure of our solutions enables us to build the bridge between fiduciary companies and their clients. With fiduciary access, you can switch quickly and easily between the individual clients and thus support your clients in a targeted and needs-based manner.

Swiss21 includes the following software and functions


Offers & Invoices
Time & Service Entry


Payroll settlements
Personnel master
Insurance profile


Online shop
Online checkout
Order management
Marketing & SEO


Relationship management
Sales opportunities



Third party systems


Fiduciary functions

From start-ups to established SMEs – our solution creates new potential. Maintain your customer relationship in a targeted, efficient, and beneficial way.

Fiduciary access

Real-time overview, proactive advice, and clear client management thanks to client switch on a single interface. The account can be set up according to each client’s individual needs.

Optimal division of labour

Automatic processing from bank reconciliation to entry in the Abacus Financial Software. Concentrate on the specialised work and needs-oriented consulting for your clients. Thanks to live dashboards and key financial figures, you can advise your clients proactively and thus create optimal client relationships.

Financial and Payroll Accounting

Automated and intelligent accounting processes with or without VAT.  From the account statement and entry journal to the simple creation of the balance sheet, income statement and journal. Accounting, payment, posting and evaluation of wages in the exceptionally user-friendly payroll accounting.

Mobile processes

By connecting to AbaClik, it is possible to transfer receipts and expenses directly to the accounting department by using a mobile phone camera. Thanks to the advanced, AI-supported app, addresses, amounts, and data are recognised and extracted. Manual entries and administrative effort are thus eliminated.

"As a market leader in the fiduciary sector, we are proud to have established Swiss21, a network that offers a growth path for fiduciary companies and clients that is operated entirely from the cloud."

Fabian Schläpfer
Head of Business Development, Abacus Research AG

Growth opportunities

The integrated accounting solution in Swiss21 offers you as a fiduciary company a simple and cost-effective entry point. Manage your clients conveniently online and choose the form of cooperation that suits you best. Our modular structure and close partnership with Abacus Research AG also provide you with far-reaching growth options if required. The sky’s the limit for you and your clients.

For more information on the possibilities of customised support, please click here.

Partner & Training programs

After completing the Swiss21 Digital Coach Online certification programme, you will be qualified in the various applications.

As a digital coach, you will receive a profile on so that you can access other clients. As a digital coach, you will receive a profile on so that you can access other clients.

Together with our partner Abacus, we also offer extensive training by our specialists during the one-day course “Fiduciary Digital AbaNinja “AbaNinja Digital Fiduciary”. This course can be counted as an official training day.

To get started, we recommend that you also attend our free Webinars.


We will be happy to answer your individual questions and advise you in accordance with your specific needs.


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