Order management: from the offer to the invoice
  • Create offers based on integrated address management and saved products
  • Turn offers into invoices at the push of a button
  • Invoice with payment slip with reference number (ESR)
  • Automated dispatch of recurring invoices
  • Create delivery slips
  • Send offers and invoices by email or print, and send them by post
  • Submit invoices directly into the ERP system of your business partners (paid module "AbaNet")
  • Automatic payment reminder process (automated dispatch of reminder letters)
  • Document designer (design offers, invoices and reminder letters yourself)
Customer portal
  • Overview of all offers and invoices
  • Offers can be accepted in the customer portal at the push of a button
  • Invoices can be paid instantly by credit card, PayPal or bitcoin as desired.
  • You always know whether the customer has already viewed the offer/invoice
  • Automated bookkeeping
  • Scan supplier receipts – which are recognised and posted automatically
  • Mobile with AbaCliK
  • Signed original receipts
  • Create or correct entries yourself
  • Cooperation with fiduciaries
  • Balance sheet, P&L account, journal
Customer and product management
  • Address management with companies and people
  • Automatic address querying for companies (zefix)
  • Address categorisation
  • Overview of each customer with map, activities, turnover, outstanding receipts, etc.
  • Record products and services and categorise them into groups
Banking connectivity
  • Reconciliation of open items (with ESR payment slips)
  • Transfer supplier invoices as payment orders

Online shop
  • Intuitive set-up wizard
  • Own domain
  • Detailed layout and design settings
  • Responsive design
  • Selectable themes
  • Google Web Fonts font integration
  • Own pages with content/pages
  • Content slider on home page (paid module)
  • Dynamic item display on the home page
SEO (search engine optimisation)
  • SEO-friendly URLs
  • Generate metatags automatically or edit them manually
  • Sitemap generator
  • Item pictures optimised for Facebook
  • Pre-certified by Trusted Shops
  • SSL encryption
  • Manual cross-selling
  • Automatic cross-selling (paid module)
  • Special offer item with ‘was’ price (date/time-controlled)
  • Promotional items
  • Special offers and promotions displayed in a separate category
  • QR codes for shop or item direct links
  • RSS feed with the latest items
  • Tell-a-friend function
  • Virtual categories for special offers and promotions
  • Item rating (paid module)
  • Vouchers (paid module)
  • Chat (paid module)
  • Analysis of search queries (paid module)
  • Direct search display
  • Supported languages (customer side: German, English, French, Italian, Romansch)
  • Country groups with their own shipping methods
  • Shipping costs by weight/price/flat rate
  • Exemption from shipping costs from amount X
  • Minimum quantity surcharge
  • Different delivery address
  • Package tracking (paid module)
  • Order status management
  • VAT-exempt shipping methods
  • VAT-exempt overseas deliveries
  • Payments
    • pre-payment with automatic invoice email
    • invoice
    • cash on delivery
    • online payment with SIX Saferpay (VISA | Mastercard | TWINT)
  • Payment method management per country and amount
  • Customer account with order history
  • B2B dealer mode (closed shop)
  • Item management
  • Items with variants
  • Time-controlled activation of items
  • Different VAT rates
  • Multiple images per item
  • Graduated prices
  • Manufacturer specifications (paid module)
  • Mass mutations
  • Free item additional fields
  • Minimum and maximum order quantities
  • Graduated prices
  • Categories
  • Description of the category with title and picture
  • Sub-categories
  • Virtual categories for promotional and special offer items
  • Warehouse management
  • Create inventory
  • Availability display (exact/traffic light/none)
  • Minimum storage quantity/message if shortfall occurs
  • Enter goods receipts
  • Enter goods receipts with barcode scanners (with the additional ‘manufacturer specifications’ module)
Online check-out
  • Browser-based/device-independent
  • Operation on notebook or tablet
  • In the shop
  • At the trade fair
  • On the customer’s premises
  • At the market stall
  • Intuitive operation
  • Barcode scanners (with the additional ‘manufacturer specifications’ module)
  • Smart preview of the possible amounts for cash payments
  • Automatic calculation of change
  • Selectable payment methods (cash, credit card, etc.)
  • Show product information
  • Discount on individual items in % or as fixed amount
  • Discount on total amount in % or as fixed amount
  • Price can be overwritten
  • Free item
  • Customer loyalty and sales promotion
  • Assign sales to a customer
  • Sale on account
  • Send receipt to customer as email
  • Vouchers (paid module)
  • Credit note for existing receipts with comments
Commercial functions
  • Flexible daily closing at the push of a button
  • Print receipts
  • Customisable receipt
  • Document history and posted receipts display

Customer and Contact Management
  • Simple and efficient digitization of your contacts

  • Collect contact information from e-mails, documents, business cards or web

  • Customer file with 360° view

  • Intelligent search options

Organization of Marketing and Sales
  • Comprehensive sales opportunity management to identify and track new and existing potentials

  • Task management

  • Appointment management

  • Diverse target group selection for personalised targeting

  • Standardization of marketing and sales processes

Personalized Documents & E-mails
  • Central document storage

  • Functions optimized for target groups

  • Fast and easy implementation of serial letters and serial e-mails

Mobile Working
  • Correctly informed, anytime and anywhere thanks to mobile CRM

  • Online access via your own MobileApp

Integration Swiss21
  • Contacts available in all Swiss21 applications

  • Single-sign-on - one login for all Swiss21 solutions

  • AppSwitcher to easily switch between Swiss21 applications

Payroll software simple and efficient
  • AbaSalary is simple to use and can be opened in just a few minutes from Swiss21
  • Transfer of company data from Swiss21.AbaNinja
  • Monthly overview with automatic salary calculation for all employees
  • Quick entry of new employees
  • Standard payroll type base (industry-neutral)
  • Available in four languages (DE, EN, FR, IT)
  • Up to 7 employees free of charge
Everything in one place
  • Insurance data such as retirement age and AHV/IV limit amounts are automatically managed and updated
  • Overview and real-time data at any time: Dashboard with all important information and current wage figures
  • Access for fiduciaries possible
Digital personal dossier
  • Payroll settlements and wage statements are automatically stored by the system in the personnel file
  • Standard evaluations for employees, payroll and year-end processing
Integrated Time Recording
  • Simple recording of working time directly in Swiss21.AbaNinja or with the help of the AbaClock time clock (subject to charges)
  • Functions: Arrival/departure times, target working time, evaluations per employee and group
  • Real-time control of personnel costs
Expense reports included
  • Manual entry of documents no longer necessary: A photo and, where required, additional information is sufficient
  • Simple assignment to projects and activity types possible
  • Automatic synchronization with Swiss21 - digitally signed for security
  • Pay with the Swiss21 credit card from Cornercard, and the entries flow directly into Swiss21
  • This gives you an overview of your company's expenses at all times

Pay with card, smartphonesmartphone, or watch
  • Pay is available for use with virtual and/or physical cards
  • Works with all popular mobile payment solutions like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Fitbit or Garmin
Integrated and automated
  • Pay can be used with Swiss21 cards or any Cornèrcard card
  • Card is stored as the payment method in 21.Accounting/AbaNinja and all transactions are automatically recorded in real time
  • Simple scanning and reconciliation of expense receipts with AbaClik
Simple, efficient, and intelligent
  • AbaClik makes it easy to enter and compare expense receipts with a mobile device
  • Documents are searched for patterns; the contents are structured and recorded in real time
  • Cutting-edge technology from A.L.A. (Autonomous Live Accounting) is a project of Abacus Research, Arcanite and Cornèrcard
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning processes automate accounting

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