These are our partners. They stand behind and therefore behind you and your young company. They enable us to support you with the digital ecosystem. This makes achieving digitisation and efficiency in your processes an easy goal.

Abacus Research AG

Abacus is an owner-managed Swiss software company that employs over 400 people. It has been developing successful business software for over three decades and is Switzerland’s market leader for ERP software. 44,000 Swiss companies use Abacus Business Software. Abacus applications are modular and scalable, can be used in any industry and are able to support multiple clients. To meet the needs of specific industries, Abacus has also developed specialised industry solutions with its partners. For, Abacus is the invoicing, payment and bookkeeping solution that has been tried and tested thousands of times.

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St.Galler Kantonalbank AG

Since being established in 1868, St. Galler Kantonalbank has stood for clear values: with a government guarantee and a prudent risk policy, it offers its business partners a high degree of security. More than 1,200 employees at the company’s headquarters and 38 branches provide comprehensive financial services to private customers and business customers, as well as investment advice to private individuals and institutions. St. Galler Kantonalbank was also ‘the first bank’ for

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Glarotech GmbH

Glarotech GmbH manufactures and develops the Swiss e-commerce and cash register solution PepperShop. Using the software it develops in-house, the company, which is based in Eastern Switzerland, provides its customers with fast and convenient online shopping. As e-commerce and traditional retail business become more intertwined, Glarotech is also supporting its customers with an integrated cash register solution for retail stores.

This in-house solution combines years of expertise and has been guaranteeing professional project execution and first-hand support since 2001. That’s why Glarotech is the perfect partner for e-commerce and cash register systems.

Fasoon AG

Fasoon is Switzerland’s new online company foundation portal. Thanks to various partnerships, a limited liability company, joint-stock company or any other form of company can be established free of charge. The creation is quick and easy, so that company founders can concentrate fully on their company and the realization of their dreams. The founders and owners of Fasoon have already accompanied thousands of entrepreneurs into self-employment and know all the stumbling blocks on the path to their own company. The advice provided by the Fasoon team is also free of charge and highly competent thanks to years of practical start-up and SME experience.


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