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Abacus Research AG

The leading Swiss Business Software

Abacus Research AG

The leading Swiss Business Software

Offers & invoicing, automated accounting, time recording and much more

AbaNinja is the well-proven cloud software from Abacus for invoices, payments, and reminders. However, Abacus not only supplies the applications for the areas of finance (21.AbaNinja) and personnel (21.AbaSalary), but also mobile apps for time recording and expense management as well as know-how for a lot of (artificial) intelligence in Swiss21.

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More about Abacus Research AG

Abacus is an owner-managed Swiss software company that employs over 400 people. For over three decades it has developed successful business software and is the Swiss market leader for ERP software. 44,000 Swiss companies rely on Abacus Business Software. Abacus applications are modular, scalable, industry-independent, and multi-client capable. To meet the demands of specific industries, Abacus has also developed specialized industry solutions together with partners.



Abacus Research AG
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