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Fasoon AG

Found a company, change statues

Fasoon AG

Found a company, change statues

Fasoon advises clients, sets up companies, and makes changes to their Articles of Association.

Fasoon AG is part of the digital ecosystem that surrounds Swiss21. Swiss21 users can take advantage of a special offer to receive free advice on setting up a company and on company modifications. In the best case, the foundation or amendment of the Articles of Association is free of charge.

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Fasoon is one of Switzerland’s leading online portals for company foundation and statute amendments. Fasoon AG specializes in providing advice to company founders regarding online company formation and amendments to the Articles of Association. In addition, the company operates the Internet platform fasoon.ch. The portal makes it possible for interested parties to obtain free advice and, thanks to various partnerships, to set up a company or to modify an existing one. The process is quick and easy, so that company founders can concentrate fully on their company and the realization of their dreams. The Fasoon team has already accompanied thousands of founders into self-employment and knows the best and fastest way to set up a new business. Advice is free of charge and highly competent thanks to years of practical start-up and SME experience.



Fasoon AG
Weissbadstrasse 8b
9050 Appenzell



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