SWISS21 – Das digitale Ökosystem für Schweizer KMU

The free business
software platform


Already more than 50,000 small
companies use Swiss21.

The free business software platform

More than 50,000 small businesses are already using

Swiss21 makes your administration easier

Swiss21 makes your everyday life easier and allows you to concentrate on what you really enjoy!
Discover the benefits of our platform below.


You don’t have to be an expert to manage your administration. Anyone can do it with Swiss21!

Time saving

Thanks to the automation of bookings and our various input masks, you save time in your administrative work.


Free support

Use our free support to set up your account or if you have any questions about our platform.



Work from anywhere, anytime. All your documents are in the cloud and can be accessed at any time.

Comprehensive business software for SMEs

Swiss21 is a complete package of free business software. You always have an overview and everything under control. Our partners are leading software companies and always offer you the best technology and innovation.


Supplier receipts
Time & Performance recording


 QR bills
 Partial, installment and on-account billing
Recurring Bills
3 reminder levels


Personnel master
Insurance Profiles


Online Shop
Online Cashier
order management

Marketing & SEO


Relationship management


In & Out (time recording)

The advantages of the Swiss21 business software


All applications are optimally coordinated and synchronized. So you always know which customer has already paid and which invoices are still outstanding. You always have an overview.


All communication between you and the platform is SSL-encrypted. The infrastructure is operated in a modern and certified Swisscom data center in Switzerland.


Thanks to the intelligent software solutions, routine work is done automatically. Our systems import documents, annual accounts and other evaluations are available at the touch of a button.


Each module has various expansion and connection options to other tools. This allows you to make your business processes even more consistent.

ELM 5.0 Certification

logo swissdec

21.AbaSalary is the first free Swiss payroll software with ELM 5.0 certification! With our software, you benefit from a simple and innovative data exchange that meets the security requirements between companies, insurers and authorities.


As a Swiss21 customer, you benefit from our cooperation with strong partners.

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What our customers say about us

Thanks to Swiss21, invoicing is greatly simplified. I can see which invoices are outstanding at any time and can send reminders at the push of a button.


Andrea Weder

Owner of

Stefan Kueenzi Swiss21


With Swiss21, we were able to set up our online shop from scratch within a few days, including the connection to the SIX Saferpay payment system.


Stefan Küenzi

Director of

team brasserie

With the Swiss21 online shop, sales are quick and easy. It helps us focus on our business and not waste time on administration.


Team Brasserie Outside the Walls

team coinless

For us as a startup, Swiss21 was a great help, as we were able to reduce our fixed costs to a minimum with the business tools. We could also count on the quick support.


Coinless-Team, Phil Natter, Simon Mettler & Adrian Zingg

raphael imhof

Don’t waste any thought on bookkeeping and payroll accounting. The Swiss21 applications are intuitive to use and perfectly integrated.


Raphael Imhof

Owner of

julien hungerbuhler temoignage swiss21

My customers are very satisfied with Swiss21. Having that contact with your trustee is vital and Swiss21 creates that connection.


Julien Hungerbühler

CEO and partner of

maeva chatelain temoignage swiss21

Thanks to Swiss21 and their recurring invoices, I can finally focus on my actual business! I can see when a customer saw the invoice, when they paid it and I can automate the reminders too!


Maéva Chatelain

Founder of

veronique rochat temoignage swiss21

Before Swiss21, like many of my colleagues, I used Word and Excel – it was tedious and annoying to juggle between the programs to create an invoice.


Véronique Rochat

Freelance photographer

cedric hiltbrand

21.Abaninja and 21.Abasalary from Swiss21 facilitate the division of labor in our mostly voluntary association.


Cédric Hiltbrand

jonathan grimaud temoignage swiss21

It’s a bit like a smartphone very easy to use and we have a very efficient customer service!


Jonathan Grimbaud

Founder of azur-spa-dé

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More than 50,000 small businesses

already use’s pioneering platform. You, too, can achieve your goals faster. With clearly structured and integrated processes and workflows.