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Swiss21 is the cloud-based digital ecosystem for Swiss small businesses, start-ups and SMEs. What do you get from us? A complete package of free business software for financecommerce, contact management, CRM and human resources. You always have an overview and everything under control. Our partners are leading software companies and always offer you the best technology and innovation. Your data is hosted in Switzerland and is safe with us.


Offers & Invoices
Time & Service Entry


Payroll settlements
Personnel master
Insurance profile


Online shop
Online checkout
Order management
Marketing & SEO


Relationship management
Sales opportunities


Gastro Industry
Third party systems
Invoice API


Sandro Dreier

Managing Director at Timberline AG

We appreciate the helpful staff and the incredibly easy handling. We are extremely pleased with the overall outcome!

Maéva Chatelain

Founder of Sept et Huit Dance Studio

Thanks to Swiss21 and their recurring invoices, I can finally concentrate on my real job! I can see when a customer has seen the invoice, when he has paid it and I can also automate the reminders!

Stefan Küenzi

Director of

With Swiss21 we were able to build our online store from scratch within a few days, including connection to the SIX Saferpay payment system.

  • deepBox – the AI-based document solution

    deepBox – the AI-based document solution

    Thanks to artificial intelligence, you can now analyse, organise, store, send and share all your documents whenever and wherever you want, within a group, a company or with other digital mailboxes.

  •’s education initiative’s education initiative

    Swiss21’s education initiative includes partnerships with producers of teaching aids, schools and other educational institutions to provide hands-on and practical support for business and accounting lessons. Students will learn early on how to manage a company financially, i.e. to understand accounting and the related goals, and also acquire other entrepreneurial skills.

  • After just four weeks, more than 1,000 customers are already using 21.

    After just four weeks, more than 1,000 customers are already using 21.

    21.AbaSalary makes payroll a breeze for Swiss21 customers. 21.AbaSalary is free for up to 7 employees. After that, payroll accounting costs CHF 2.50 per additional employee per month. Over 1,000 customers have already decided to do their payroll accounting with 21.AbaSalary.

  • Start of 21.AbaSalary

    Start of 21.AbaSalary

    Swiss21 also makes the settlement, payment, entry and evaluation of salaries effortless. Setting up payroll accounting and entering new employees. The payroll is calculated automatically for all employees at the end of the month.

  • SumUp Integration

    SumUp Integration

    Accepting card payments made easy: With SumUp terminals, you can easily enable card payments with Swiss21. Offer the most popular payment methods such as VISA, Mastercard, ApplePay and GooglePay at your point of sale – contactless and at the most attractive conditions. All transactions are automatically booked in Commerce and 21.AbaNinja.

  • At the speed of 30’000 users – offer is constantly being expanded

    At the speed of 30’000 users – offer is constantly being expanded

    Since its launch in November 2018, Swiss21 has been growing rapidly: The applications and functions are constantly being expanded, and the number of accounts and users has increased rapidly due to the convincing offer. In less than two years, the 30,000 user mark has been broken.

  • New bank connection to Glarner Kantonalbank

    New bank connection to Glarner Kantonalbank

    SME customers of Glarner Kantonalbank can now connect their accounts with the Swiss21 business software. Once the link has been established, data reconciliation between e-banking and accounting is automated.

  • 21.AbaNinja New Features

    Improvements in evaluations and reports / Expansion of the SME chart of accounts

  • Payments made even easier

    Payments made even easier

    Swiss21 now also offers a free prepaid and/or credit card, which is stored as a method of payment in 21.AbaNinja. Expenditures/expenses are automatically assigned to transactions and booked in real time.

  • AbaClik 3 integration

    AbaClik 3 integration

    AbaClik is the app for simple, efficient time, absence and expense management. Artificial intelligence has made the recording of expenses even faster. The integrated receipt scanner analyzes the data and transfers it to 21.AbaNinja for the booking.

  • Over 1 million documents generated with Swiss21

    Thanks to, users have created 1 million documents: efficiently and automatically. Supported by the latest technology.

  • 21.AbaNinja New Features

    Import and payment of QR invoices / VOIP telephony via LeanSync Voice / DeepV is a cloud-based sharing and publishing platform for the communication of financial reports / New bank connections to Luzerner (LUKB), Thurgauer (TKB) and Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank (BLKB)

  • More options for time recording

    More options for time recording

    The integrated tool for time recording has been redesigned and expanded to include many new functions: Activity types and direct offsetting are possible, as well as working time models with target times, holiday calendars, reporting and much more.

  • Calculate VAT using net method

    In addition to the VAT gross and lump-sum methods, integration of the VAT net method has been added.

  • Create job references with Swiss21

    With Certicat, companies create professional, legally compliant job references in no time at all. Certicat is a “Special Deal” for Swiss21 users.

  • New connections to over 70 banks

    New connections to over 70 banks

    With the latest release of 21.AbaNinja, new connections to over 70 banks and financial service providers can be established.

  • will be expanded by a CRM system will be expanded by a CRM system

    With our CRM, marketing and sales processes can also be digitized and automated with customer and contact management. / Swiss21 has today over 19,000 accounts.

  • Accounting in real time

    Accounting in real time

    Abacus Research AG, one of the partners of Swiss21, has revolutionized accounting. With the help of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning processes, accounting is now fully automated. Autonomous Live Accounting, in short A.L.A., is also integrated for Swiss21.

  • New bank connection to Valiant Bank

    New bank connection to Valiant Bank

    Valiant Bank is the third largest national provider of banking and financial services. / Swiss21 has today over 17,000 accounts.

  • 21.AbaNinja New Features

    Variant calculations are now possible: With a variant calculation, different invoices can be issued. A classic example are associations that offer different memberships.

  • Milestone of 20’000 users reached

    More than 20,000 users already trust

  • New bank connection to PostFinance

    New bank connection to PostFinance

    In addition to the connection to Raiffeisen and the St. Galler Kantonalbank, the bank connection to PostFinance, one of the largest financial institutions in Switzerland, is the third connection overall and the second to a national provider. / Swiss21 grew by around 20% in the second quarter of 2019 to more than 15,000 accounts

  • Digital coaches support Swiss21 users

    Swiss21 is not only digital, but also personally available for its users. Digital coaches are professionals in the areas of fiduciary, legal and business management and help to develop and implement digital strategies.

  • The ecosystem is being expanded: New partner: Fasoon

    The ecosystem is being expanded: New partner: Fasoon

    Fasoon is one of the leading company foundation portals in Switzerland. The ecosystem has expanded, covering the administration and management of a company, and now also the foundation of new businesses.

  • 21.AbaNinja New Features

    Management of several companies/change of company possible / Automatic profit and loss carry forward / Abacus connection (summarized entry & customer payments with different bank accounts)

  • Swiss21 is available throughout Switzerland

    Swiss21 is available throughout Switzerland

    Swiss21 is available in German, French, Italian and English / Expansion into French-speaking Switzerland and Ticino / Expansion of the online store’s help assistant / Update of the free online checkout / Swiss21 already has 13,000 accounts – growth of 50% in 6 months

  • 21.AbaNinja New Features

    Multi-language support for all Swiss21 applications / Electronic invoicing via AbaNet

  • Go-live from

    Go-live from

    The new package of business software goes live with 21.AbaNinja and Commerce consisting of 21.Shop and 21.POS (online checkout).

  • Media conference about

    At a media conference we will present Swiss21 and our goals for the first time to the general public.

  • Foundation of AG AG was founded with the aim to support start-ups and SMEs with an integrated package of business software. Digital processes should make small businesses agile and efficient.

    Although Swiss21 as an integrated package of business software is not yet live, AbaNinja/21.Accounting is being continuously developed as a core application.

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