Time recording – simple and integrated

With the iPad terminal AbaClock, the Swiss21 user has the possibility to record working hours in 21.AbaNinja using a time clock.


Clock in and out and record working times with AbaClock efficiently and easily on the terminals.

Keeping track

Employees are always up to date on their daily working hours.


Thanks to full integration into AbaNinja, working hours are available in real time.

More about AbaClock

One or more stationary iPads serve as terminals. A terminal consists of an iPad with protective glass and a badge reader with Near Field Communication Technology (NFC). The iPad is enclosed in a case which houses the badge reader.

Multiple AbaClock terminals can be connected via the Cloud, allowing employees to log in and out at different locations as required. Identification at the terminal takes place via contactless NFC identification cards.

If AbaClock is used in combination with Abacus Business Software, working times are recorded directly in the Time Recording program or in the AbaProject module. In this case, the terminal displays additional information such as planned working time, flextime and vacation balances.


  • Save time when entering hours worked
  • Real-time information
  • Error reduction due to simple operation
  • The badges are compatible with the existing badge access system.
  • Automatic transfer into the free Cloud Software AbaNinja or Abacus Business Software (Time Recording)
  • Easily expanded as required



Abacus Research AG

Available languages

German, French, Italian, English

Contact Support

Support via Swiss21.org



Further information

Orders can be placed directly in the AbaClock shop


AbaClocK Terminal: CHF 790.00 per device
AbaClock subscription: CHF 2.00 /EmployeeMonth

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