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Accounting program


Use our free accounting program to manage your company’s finances.

Accounting program 21.ABANINJA

Use our free accounting program to manage your company’s finances.

Free accounting program for SME

Are you tired of manually entering accounting transactions in a list? With the accounting program 21.AbaNinja, managing your accounts is effortless: Whether it’s invoices to customers, supplier receipts or payments of all employees’ wages, take care of everything centrally in one place.

With automated entries, you don’t have to be a professional to handle your bookkeeping quickly and efficiently. Eliminate tedious Word and Excel files and save yourself valuable time with Swiss21’s accounting program.

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Powerful accounting software for all your needs.

Discover the wide variety of functions our accounting program has to offer! From managing your finances, posting all incoming and outgoing payments to creating reports – we have everything you need to manage your accounting easily and effectively.



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Automatisierte Buchhaltung

Bank statements & entry journal

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Balance sheet & income statement

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Automatic E-Banking

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Comprehensive key figures

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Doppelte Buchhaltung

Double-entry bookkeeping

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Standardized Chart of Accounts

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21.AbaNinja Dashboard – Never lose the overview again

With the practical and customisable dashboard, you have your company solidly under control.

At a glance you’ll find:

The most important key figures on expenses and income in your company.

The latest activities of your users and all open invoices and offers.

Have you ever wondered who your most loyal customers are, or which product sells best? This information can also be found in the 21.AbaNinja dashboard.

Kostenloses Buchhaltungsprogramm fur KMU swiss21
Buchhaltungssoftware swiss21

Save time and money with the right accounting software

Digitalised accounting processes and automated account reconciliation with the bank have a major advantage: Much more time remains for the actual core business. Since the accounting software takes over many of the recurring tasks automatically, you can utilise your employees or your fiduciary for exactly those tasks that offer added value to your company.


Save money with the all-in-one solution from Swiss21: Payroll accounting, an integrated online cash register or contact management, for example, all converge here. This means that the accounting software does not necessarily require additional interfaces to other programs.

Don’t worry about it

Manage your quotes and QR invoices as well as accounting in a simple and automated way with Swiss21. Create your account with just a few clicks.

Safely on the move with Swiss accounting software

21.AbaNinja is a Swiss accounting software developed specifically for Swiss SMEs, associations and sole proprietorships. We are constantly developing our software to make it easier to use and the functions more comprehensive.

Your data is hosted in Switzerland for maximum security.

Concentrate on your work and reduce the administrative burden with Swiss21’s versatile software!

Mit der Schweizer Buchhaltungssoftware sicher unterwegs swiss21
Belege Lieferanten swiss21

Automate bookkeeping

With 21.AbaNinja you benefit from numerous functions that make your everyday business easier. Has your customer paid an invoice?

Der Zahlungseingang auf dem Bankkonto wird direkt in der Buchhaltung verarbeitet. Ihrer Mitarbeiterin hat die Spesenquittung erhalten und möchte eine Rückerstattung? Dank der KI-unterstützen Dokumenterkennung wird die Anfrage automatisch verarbeitet.

Our prices

We offer three subscriptions, including a free version that allows you to manage your business. If you need more features, calculate the exact price that suits your needs!

Additional user (CHF 5.-) Additional users for all Swiss21 apps except 21.POS

How many additional users should have access to your Swiss21 platform?


Additional wage slips (CHF 2.50) Billing is based on active employees in 21.AbaSalary

How many additional wage slips do you need for your company?



For all companies that want to start digitising for free. Ideal for a small volume of documents.

CHF 0 / Month

1 User, 3 Wage slips

  • +2 POS users, Layaway (pause purchases), SumUp
  • Google Analytics, product reviews, vouchers, wish list, manufacturer search analysis, cross-selling
  • - 1000 documents per year Documents sent (offers, invoices, delivery notes, etc.)
  • - 1000 addresses & products 1000 addresses and 1000 products in the database
  • - QR invoices, offers Easily create and send QR invoices and offers
  • - Automated accounting
  • - Free payroll accounting
  • - Online shop & CRM

The most popular!


The same as the Starter with the addition of Advanced Accounting, SumUp integration and more volume.

CHF 21 / Month

3 Users, 7 Wage slips

  • +2 POS users, Layaway (pause purchases), SumUp
  • Google Analytics, product reviews, vouchers, wish list, manufacturer search analysis, cross-selling
  • - 2100 documents per year Documents sent (offers, invoices, delivery notes, etc.)
  • - 2100 addresses & products 2100 addresses and 2100 products in the database
  • - Advanced Accounting Net & Balance VAT method, e-balance sheet, open items, and more.
  • - SumUp For 21.AbaNinja
  • - Chat in online shop


For all professionals: full range of functions and even more users, wage slips and data volume.

CHF 42 / Month

5 Users, 21 Wage slips

  • +2 POS users, Layaway (pause purchases), SumUp
  • Google Analytics, product reviews, vouchers, wish list, manufacturer search analysis, cross-selling
  • - 5000 documents per year Documents sent (offers, invoices, delivery notes, etc.)
  • - 5000 addresses & products 5000 addresses and 5000 products in the database
  • - Packet tracking & Content slider For the online shop
  • - More users
  • - More wage slips

50,000 companies trust in the Accounting program from Swiss21

Swiss21 is x-times proven. The intuitive design, the automated processes or even the time savings are arguments for using 21.AbaNinja for accounting. Learn from our customers how they use Swiss21’s software and thereby digitalize their processes.

FAQ accounting

Which VAT methods are available?

Die Mehrwertsteuer kann sowohl nach der Effektiven als auch nach der Saldo-/Pauschalsteuersatz-Methode abgerechnet werden. Bei der Effektiven-Besteuerung kann nach der Brutto- oder der Nettomethode abgerechnet werden.

Diese Einstellungen werden bei der Erstellung des Accounts auf dem Geschäftsjahr definiert. Sobald auf dem jeweiligen Geschäftsjahr eine Buchung erfasst wurde, kann keine Änderung mehr vorgenommen werden, weshalb wir empfehlen diese Grundeinstellung sorgfältig zu setzen.

How can manual entries be made?

Manual entries can be made both in the account statement and in the journal. The option in the journal is part of the Advanced accounting module. Manual bookings can be entered individually with an attachment, in foreign currency with an automated conversion rate or as a split booking.


Which bank interfaces are available?

In total, there are interfaces to more than 70 Swiss banks. You can find an overview of all supported banks under the followingLink. If your bank is not listed, you can also import or export the bank files (CAMT, PAIN) manually.


Can payments be triggered directly from 21.AbaNinja?

The payment orders entered for the respective supplier documents can be transmitted directly to E-Banking via the bank interfaces. For security and possible legal reasons (Money Laundering Act / GwG), the payments must still be released in e-banking each time.

Can bookings be cancelled?

In principle, the mechanism that applies is that cancellations must always be made at the source. This means that bookings that were created automatically by invoices, supplier documents or payments can only be cancelled by cancelling the respective documents or transactions. Manual entries can be cancelled directly in the account statement or journal.