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Company growth

Track your development to grow your business with the help of our online store.

Company growth

Track your development to grow your business with the help of our online store.


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Want to keep an eye on your statistics?

Welcome to Swiss21 Commerce – your tool for monitoring and growing your sales.




Stay on top of things


Monitor your sales and revenue in the dashboard and track the latest orders. The dashboard also shows you the top products sold in the month, and the revenue and the orders placed in the last 30 days. Orders are booked automatically. Track and control shipped items easily with package tracking. All data is hosted in Switzerland. Grow together with Swiss21 into new language regions or upgrade to PepperShop without data loss.


Overview of functions

The most important functions of 21.Shop and 21.POS at a glance. Thanks to a simple, logical structure and an intuitive tool, you always remain in control.

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Comprehensive dashboard


Revenue / Orders and sales over the past 30 days


Automatic booking


Top products of the month


Multilingual interface


Package tracking (from Pro subscription)

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Data in Switzerland


Upgrade to PepperShop without loss of data



FAQs Control & Growth

We answer the most frequently asked questions here. Fast and uncomplicated.

Is there a connection between the online shop / online checkout and the accounting depart-ment?

The orders and sales from the shop or from the checkout are automatically booked in the background.   This also applies to the associated payments, which are then made either by invoice or directly by credit card, etc. These processes are automated.

Do I have an overview of the sales and orders placed?

In the back office of the online shop and the online checkout you will find a comprehensive dashboard that gives you the turnover, orders and sales from the last 30 days as well as much more information.

Can I see which products sell best in my shop?

Yes, you can also go to the dashboard in the back office of the shop / checkout.  Here you will find a list of the “Top Products of the Month”.

Help & Support


Frequently asked questions, knowledge base articles and tutorials can be found in our Help Centre. Our dedicated support team and experts are happy to answer any further questions you may have.

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