deepBox – the new digital mailbox – SWISS21

Have you lost your mail again? Or can’t find your accident insurance invoice, which you carefully filed in the cloud? That is now a thing of the past. Thanks to deepBox from our partner Abacus. And once again, a ground-breaking innovation is available to Swiss21 users right from its launch.deepBox Abacus Swiss21

But what is a deepBox exactly? Haven’t we all already heard about ‘digital mailboxes’? Yes, but not like this. For each physical mailbox and address, deepBox creates one in the cloud The deepBox of a company or an individual (“MyBox”) is linked to a physical address via the “Plus Codes” developed by Google Zurich. Google Maps already introduced Plus Codes five years ago, which are supposed to solve a problem that we in this country may not even be aware of: There are many regions of the world where there are no addresses in the form of street names or house numbers, even in populated areas. Plus Codes uniquely identify every place in the world.

Analyse, structure, store and retrieve documents – supported by artificial intelligence. 

Companies and private individuals receive documents in many ways – by post, email, online storage, chats and many more. deepBox solves that problem. The deepBox is intended to be a “Single Point of Entry”. All boxes initially contain the same pre-defined system folders for document categories such as invoices and receipts, real estate, financial data, etc. The AI system “deepO”, to which the boxes are linked, reads data and assigns the documents to these system folders. Text extraction, semantic tagging and machine learning included. Documents can be shared, sent, automatically processed and flow into existing software, for example into the financial accounting. deepBox automatically connects to Swiss21 and Abacus G4, completing the accounting process for the largest ERP providers in Switzerland. Connections can also be made to other software solutions via API interfaces.

Documents remain permanently archived in the cloud and companies can set up their own flexible structures as to how and with which persons or departments within and outside the company deepBox functions and “communicates” with it.

With Special Boxes, deepBox enables direct communication between companies and their insurance company, for example. With the expansion into an ecosystem, further functions will be added to Special Boxes Abacus has designed the deepBox project and services as an open and continuously expandable comprehensive system.

It has received a very positive reception from the IT media. For example, writes: “The most disruptive of disruptions comes from rethinking the everyday. Abacus has done just that and is launching a transformational product.”

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