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A time recording system that employees can use easily and that gives the employer a quick overview is very useful. Particularly in times of Corona with many companies on short-time work, a tool for time recording is even more beneficial. Even the administration of short-time work is now integrated into Swiss21.

Swiss21 Time management AbaClock AbaClik

Time management with 21.AbaNinja

Simplified time recording with employee groups, target hours and other functions has always been a part of AbaNinja. See how it works here in this video. We have now redesigned the integrated tool for time recording and added many new functions: Now you can define service types individually and invoice them directly to customers. A variety of working time models with target times, public holiday calendars and reports are available. Monthly financial statements are thus created quickly and easily. If short-time work needs to be settled, regular working hours can also be recorded and factors for short-time work can be calculated automatically.

With the fee-based connection to AbaClik, the use of the software is even more comfortable and enhanced with many functions. Employees can now manage all their time via a mobile app. However, even in the free version, time recording is simple to use and greatly reduces administrative work.


Time recording on an iPad terminal with AbaClock

We can’t offer the traditional “time clock”, but with AbaClock you get a modern, reliable solution for “stamping” on an iPad terminal. Digital and integrated, just like Swiss21 should be. Any iPad can be used as a terminal, stamping is done with badges via NFC (Near Field Communication).


AbaClik – the smart app for time management and expenses

AbaClik is the app for easy, efficient time, absence and expense management. Employees can simply use the app to stamp, enter absences and record benefits and expenses. Artificial intelligence has made the processing of expenses even faster. The integrated document scanner analyzes the data and transfers it to AbaNinja for recording. If in the future you pay expenses with our new payment functions, all expenses will be automatically booked in 21.AbaNinja. It doesn’t get faster and easier than this. More information.


Overview of time recording in Swiss21: Which tool offers which functions?


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