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Appenzell, March 18, 2020. Two-thirds of Swiss SMEs have relationships with multiple banks. This has advantages, but can also be complicated if you want to get a quick overview of the liquidity of your company. With the latest release of 21.AbaNinja from March 18, 2020, new connections to over 70 banks and financial service providers can be established.

Swiss21 Bankanbindung national international

A direct line to the bank

The direct connection allows you to efficiently and securely manage your finances. The reconciliation of payments is one of the most important administrative activities for companies and organisations. Incoming payments are assigned to open items (invoices), payment orders for the payment of supplier invoices are entered and the remaining transactions (such as cash withdrawals, bank charges, etc.) are booked.


Supported banks

It is important for Swiss21 that banking transactions with smaller and regionally anchored banks can also be conducted as efficiently as possible. For this reason, connections to many cantonal or regional banks such as Acrevis, Wir Bank or Zuger Kantonalbank are now possible. An overview of all bank connections can be found here. In just a few weeks, the next expansion is scheduled, when credit cards from Cornercard as well as from internationally emerging “neo-banks” can be integrated into Swiss21. At that time the Abacus product Autonomous Live Accounting will also be available in Swiss21.

Multi-banking – Multiple bank accounts

Several bank accounts from different banking institutions can be stored in Swiss21 via 21.AbaNinja. When you enter a bank account, the system automatically checks if a connection to this bank is possible.


Permanent and temporary bank connections

Permanent connection

After a one-time connection process, payment orders can be transmitted directly to e-banking and account statements can be automatically retrieved. The connection to the bank is permanent and does not have to be re-established for each synchronization.

Temporary connection

If a permanent connection is not possible, a temporary connection can be established at certain banks. This is only active for the duration of the request and must be reinitialized each time.


Which tasks are automated with a bank connection?

Reconcile payments

Payments from e-banking are processed automatically and compared with customer invoices. This way you know immediately which customers have already paid and which invoices are still open.

Transmit payments

You can easily upload supplier invoices that you have to pay to 21.AbaNinja. The system analyses the invoice and makes a proposal on how to enter it. You can then simply transfer the entered invoices to your e-banking, re-adjust them or release them directly. This saves you from having to enter them twice.

Manual adjustment possible

If there is currently no possibility of connecting to a banking institution or if you deliberately do not want to use this function, manual reconciliation is also possible. Payments can be entered manually or imported or exported via the payment files (Pain, Camt).


Your advantages

  • Automatic reconciliation of open customer invoices and incoming payments
  • Enter supplier invoices and release in e-banking
  • Safe, controlled and transparent
  • Simple and digital

More information about bank connections can be found at Swiss21:


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